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Swati Biography

actress swatiSwati is a popular T.V. Anchor and actress in Tamil and Telugu movies. Swati was born in 5th June , 1985 at Mumbai, India. She was Colours Swati after the popular TV show she acchored. Colours was telecast on Telugu language station MAA TV in Andhra Pradesh, India.

She was noticed in audition for a Kids Show, opening her film carrier. Since she spent most of her life in Mumbai she had to study the Telugu / Tamil language.

Swati played a quirky girl in Ashta Chamma, who wants to get married to a man who answers to the name of Mahesh. Vivacious to the core, her comedy timing was superb in Ashta Chamma. Earlier, she had dubbed Ileana's voice in Jalsa.

Swati Filmography