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Namitha Namitha Picture

Namitha and Excercise

Namitha in Bikini

Tollywood Actress Namitha Benifits from Exercise. Picture shows namitha tonned body.

Namitha Benifits from Exercise

Namitha4As you can see this picture she has worked hard to tone her body and reduce weight. This has helped her a lot in her carrier. When you exercise, you're helping build a strong body that will be able to move around and do all the stuff you need it to do. Try to be active every day and your body will thank you later! Try swimming, basketball, ice or roller hockey, jogging (or walking quickly), this all will help reduce fatigue and trim your body. Exercise help you to keep flexible. Being flrxible is having a full range of motion, which means you can move your arms and legs freely without feeling tightness or pain. It helps a lot while filiming dancing sequences.

DegreesNamitha said she enjoy a good workout and she is working out when she is not in the filim set. It helped her a lot in achieving the flexibility and mainting an attractive figure.

As Namitha was advised by her directors, she started working out to reduce flab. She got eingaged in different activities and resulted in a much slimmer sexy and tonned body. This helped her a lot to increse the market value.

When equired about the exercise plans she is following, Namitha said that she is following a strict diet and regulr aerobic exercise. However she did not disclose the particular exercise program she is following. In an effert to increase fitness Namitha, who had always been a non-vegetarian, is now a total vegetarian in order to reduce her weight. Sources close to her say that these changes in her food habits have made her weak and have resulted in her sprained leg.

Namitha swimmingThere are different exercise equipment available to help you workout. Using exercise bike is a good cardiovascular activity. Alos you can visit gym for a regular exercise, provided you staying near by an exercise gym. Another method is to use an exercise trampoline. It helps to Perform twists, turns, jogging and hopping from side-to-side exercises. Exercise balls have become so popular that most fitness centers now offer hour-long classes using them. It may look easy, but even elite athletes are using them to make run-of-the-mill exercises more challenging.

When enquired about her plans, Namitha said, 'I don't care about awards. As long as the character has enough scope for me to perform, I would continue to act'.

On rumors that she would be acting in a Telugu movie, Namitha said, 'I am in no hurry. I love acting in Tamil films. I want to establish a place for myself here and then branch out to other languages'.

NamithaNamitha says, 'Post Pachchakkuthirra, my career has taken a upward swing and she has proved that she can also perform on screen'.

Namitha says, 'I want to do varied roles and establish a place for myself in the industry'.

Rumors were doing rounds that Namitha was threatened with dire consequences after she called on the Additional Commissioner of Chennai City Police recently.

On Wednesday, the actress called on media men in Chennai and denied reports that she was threatened by some men which forced to call on the cops.

According to the actress, she had purchased a land in Chennai recently. Since then, she started getting telephone calls urging her to pay some commission for the property that she had bought. It forced her to seek the assistance of the police. Also Namitha spoke in detail about her forthcoming movies.

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