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Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree Dutta

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Tanushree Dutta Biography

Tanushree DuttaTanushree Dutta is the Ponds Femina Miss India Universe 2004, who debuted in films in 2005 and one year later has her hands full in Bollywood. With only two films to her credit, Tanushree Dutta has already been looked upon as a sex siren. And though Tanushree has no qualms being called 'sexy', but is reluctant shooting for sex scenes. Whenever Tanushree Dutta does a skin show on screen, the first thing you notice is her unusually sinuous belly dotted by a perfectly circular navel.

On pure lust appeal alone, exotic Tanushree Dutta is in an entire league of her own. Damn, she’s playing another sport. Those pouty lips, those devilish eyes and a body that was just made for sin all come together to package a woman that bedazzles her male co-stars and gives male audiences everywhere cause for an eternal cold shower. Sure Tanushree Dutta is here to stay for long.

Recently Tanushree Dutta's name appeared on a porn (escort) website. Reacting to this Tanushree Dutta said: “I don’t know what all that crap was, but it left me feeling disgusted. I did try to initiate some action, because I think the law should take strict action for issues such as these. Strangely the other actresses who were prominently featured didn’t speak up at all. They were very diplomatic. You know I’m not like that, I’m hyper and over reactive. I blasted the journalist who called to inform me about this; when I cooled down I realized he was faultless, he was just informing me. I wonder why the others didn’t react; I think it was a gutsy move of those ladies.”

Tanushree Dutta Personnal Life

Tanushree DuttaTanushree Dutta says she is a happy single and there is no time for romance right now!

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Tanushree Dutta Filmography

Tanushree Dutta Tanushree Dutta Tanushree Dutta Tanushree Dutta