Yana Gupta

April 29, 2009

Yana Gupta

Yana Gupta

This Czechoslovakian model arrived India on tour, fell in love with a Pune based painter Satyakam Gupta(met him over coffe) and married him. Her birth(born-1979) name was née Synkova, and was changed after marriage. Having spent her childhood in Brno, the second largest city in Czech Republic, Yana Gupta always dreamed of touching distant shores and exploring new worlds. She fulfilled her dream, and, in the process, building a reputation as a supermodel in Europe and Japan, accumulated fame and money.

Yana took off for Milan, and during a 2-month stay there, she modelled for some of the big names in haute couture, followed by Vienna, Paris, Munich, Hamburg and Prague for clients like Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret, Nivea and Shiseido. “I drew too much attention in Europe. Actually, all I wanted to do was travel and learn new things,” she says in her heavily accented English.

After graduating in park architecture and gardening at the age of 19, Yana packed her bags for Japan, where she spent almost 2 years, modelling for cosmetics (Shuemura, Shisheido, Nivea, Rexona) and for Toyota, Honda and Sony, to name a few.

After coming to India on vacation, where she met her ex-husband Satyakam Gupta. She has appeared on many magazine covers, including Lakme, ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Femina. she appeared on the cover of Man’s World, which highlighted her to glamour world. Yana Gupta modeled for the premier Kingfisher’s calendar and has performed dance numbers in three films including the remix of babuji zara dheere chalo.

Gupta made her big screen debut in the Bollywood movie “Dum” for the song ‘Babuji’ which made her famous for cameo item numbers. Her recent appearances have been in Tamil film cameo item numbers.They are:

  • Film Dum” for the song ‘Babuji’
  • Film Manmadhan – Song thathai thathai
  • Film Anniyan – Song Remo
  • Telugu film Gharshana – Song
  • Kannada film – “JOGI”

She was named the new face for Lakme cosmetics in 2001, replacing its former model Lisa Ray. Yana Gupta has already appeared in a mermaid video for Biddu, in commercials for Limca and MTV and also is launched as a Lakme model. Besides her native Czech language, she can also speak Spanish, Japanese, English and she is now learning Hindi for grabing more roles in Bollywood. She is also a vegetarian, is a member of PETA, and has been featured in its campaigns. She has also appeared in a Kannada movie named “JOGI”. Presently she is playing the role of a TV anchor on the countdown show “Mirch Masala” on ZoomTV where she dances to famous dance numbers.

Eating healthy and getting enough beauty sleep is the secret of her glowing skin. Her diet includes fruits and vegetables, and juices – one of her favourites is carrot and beetroot juice. Yana Gupta is very fond of South Indian food. Yana Gupta also applys honey on her face.

Yana Gupta belives in doing daily exercise. Exercise is a concentrated form of physical activity that repeats the same movements over and over again, so that the overall body or an individual body part becomes stronger or more flexible. She works out for an hour and a half every day, except when she is traveling or when she is on a day-long job. Even then, she trys to squeeze time in to exercise.

Since Hippocrates’s time, medical doctors have known that exercise is the best medicine for keeping your body healthy. The body needs to grow and rebuild itself constantly to survive and thrive. A consistent exercise program conditions the body to function more efficiently. This includes not only the muscles but also the chemical and nervous –system components of the body. Exercising the whole body and specific body areas stimulate tissue growth and regeneration. It also promotes blood and fluid flow. In a body that is inactive, blood and fluid slow down their natural flows and can pool allowing bacteria to grow and other waste products to deposit. Inactive muscles and bones can grow weak, leaving them subject to tearing and breaking. Without support , the body’s infrastructure – the skin, skeleton, muscles, and tendons that hold it together- begins to sag and compress under the pull of gravity. This compression may be felt in the form of pinched nerves and pain signals send back to the brain.

Now she is planning to launch her own music album, and she will write, compose the music and sing the songs. All the songs will be in English, and she won’t be accepting any other offers till she is done with this project.

Yana Gupta and Satyakam Gupta formally separated on 18th May 2005 after about four years of marriage. Yana Gupta has this message on her personal website (matrixbay.com): “I am sad to say that my husband, Satyakam and I have decided to separate. The reasons for this are far too personal to discuss in the public domain.” And now, Yana is reported to be seeing Aftab, whose movies haven’t been a hit so far, but his name is linked with many pretty faces like Kirti Reddy , Esha Deol and Shamita Shetty!.

“I always carry acupuncture needles in my bag and can treat people,” Yana Gupta Says. Also she loves South Indian coffee. Although Yana Gupta might never become a full fledged bollywood heroine , her item numbers & cameos will be etched in everones’s memories.

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